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Steph Hendries is a journalist and editor based in London. She has written for a range of consumer and business publications including The London Evening Standard, The Manchester Evening News, Construction News, Ideal Home and Homes & Gardens.

10 food safety facts you probably already know

While there may be many aspects of food safety that are clear and seemingly obvious, as good service providers we all have a legal duty to ensure the food we produce, sell or serve is safe. So, check out this run down of food safety facts and relish in the fact you probably already know most of them. Or better still, use it as a test for your kitchen staff! Either way, here’s 10 facts you probably already know about food safety.

What is the Food Safety Modernization Act?

In the Food Safety Modernization Act, the FDA outlined areas that needed to be addressed. These included; preventative controls for human food, preventative controls for animal food, produce safety (ensuring minimum standard for growing, harvesting, packing and storing produce), foreign supplier verification, food certifications bodies, compliance and mitigation plans and sanitary food transportation.