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Phenium Alerts

Purchase our Alerts solution and you can avoid stressful refrigeration failures, paper audits, stock waste and foodborne illness incidents

Our clever AI monitors up to 1500 temperature readings per day and alerts you if anything is off.

Our preventative AI analytics gives you complete visibility over your kitchen – wherever you are. So you’ll never miss a thing.

Alert system works for up to 20 pieces of monitored equipment. For larger kitchens, please contact our sales team.

Alerts Subscription Cost:


What our customers say

ruben perfetto biopic

“Phenium has saved our kitchen workers valuable time by offloading the need to log refrigerator and freezer temperatures multiple times throughout the day.”

Ruben Perfetto, F&B Director & Executive Chef

jaap boelens biopic

“With Phenium, Mark Hopkins takes pride in serving safe food.”

Jaap Boelens, Hotel Manager, InterContinental Mark Hopkins, San Francisco

hans mogensen of boathouse asian restaurant group biopic

“Phenium automatically monitors all coolers/freezers/hot-wells 24/7 and it will give us alarms if one of them is out of specs, so we can fix it before it becomes a problem.”

Hans Mogensen, Co-owner, Boathouse Asian Eatery

Additional details

You can access our Temp Alerts functionality by syncing up your sensor data and uploading a floorplan of your kitchen.

This will allow you to set up temperature monitoring, providing readings and alerts for all your hot and cold storage equipment.

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Get a free demo of Phenium’s food safety technology.

See for yourself why our customers in over 500 locations trust Phenium to automate and make food safety simple.
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