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Tachi Palace Casino Resort has been able to manage food safety across the entire site using clever technology.

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Tachi Palace Casino Resort has been able to manage food safety across their entire site using clever technology.

Use Case Details

The resort needed an effective way to manage food safety across their large site.

The problem

Running between all 13 food service locations on site takes considerable time. Logging the safety checks for each one of these takes even more time.

The solution

Phenium’s automated Alerts system sends notifications to mobile phones when food safety is compromised, allowing for simple, streamlined kitchen management.

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Using Phenium


Annual savings

Cost savings

Time: Saved approx 200 work hours equating to $10,000.
Equipment: $30,000 cost of new fridge.
Stock: Approx $27,000 in stock loss avoided.
Profit: Approx $40,000 in profit loss avoided.

Total cost savings (per year): $107,000

The full story

Tachi Casino set up alerts on all equipment, reducing the risk of fridge and freezer failures that lead to contaminated food. This significantly reduces the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks which can be a problem for Casino operators, not only from a reputational perspective but also due to the litigious nature of the industry.

Just as many casinos, we serve a range of different food, some that are very expensive and need certain temperature and humidity levels for optimum quality. Phenium’s system is set to alert at different temperature levels and constantly monitors humidity levels.

Phenium has been a wonderful tool for us since its’ installation in our resort, explains Food & Beverage Manager, Grimsby Daniel. ‘We have the benefit of there being a digital footprint for all our cooler readings 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It gives us a tremendous sense of security knowing that the temperature and safety of our food is being watched not only when the venues are full and active but at every minute of the day! Now that’s food safety.’

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