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Boathouse Asian Eatery in California

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Boathouse Asian Eatery in California

Use Case Details

Boathouse was able to improve performance and processes by adopting Phenium’s Temps and Quest solutions.

The problem

Temperature logs are part of regulatory HACCP processes and require noting refrigeration temperatures four times a day.

The solution

Adopting Phenium’s digital sensor based temperature logging and Quest solution, an automated paperless system.

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Using Phenium


Annual savings

Cost savings

Time: Equating to $4,000 of time saved for temperature logging and audits.
Equipment: $30,000 in the cost of new fridge.
Fines: Approx $5,000 fines per year avoided.
Stock: Approx $20,000 in loss of stock avoided.
Profit: Approx: $30,000 in loss of overall profits avoided.

Total cost savings (per year): $89,000

The full story

Boathouse Asian Eatery was formed in 2004. The company owns several individual restaurants across California and Nevada. The company realized that food safety was taking an inordinate amount of time due to the logging, paperwork and man-hours required to keep up with HACCP food safety requirements.

The company adopted Phenium and immediately set up temp alerts on all equipment, reducing the risk of fridge and freezer failures that lead to contaminated food. Boathouse uses the cloud-based checklist to do all daily and safety audits to ensure that all the food being prepared is of the highest quality and free from contamination They found that adopting Phenium has drastically improved processes and performance across their business, saving time, money and stress.

‘Phenium automatically monitors all coolers/freezers/hot-wells 24/7 and it will give us alarms if one of them is out of specs such that we can fix it before it becomes a problem,’ explains co-owner Hans Mogensen.

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