Five simple ways to make your business more efficient.

five simple ways to make your food business more efficient

Wondering why running a successful business is so stressful? From paperwork and staffing matters to customers and regulations, there are so many things to consider. According to the American Institute of Stress, as many as 83% of us experience stress in the workplace, which can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. In this article we look at some of the best ways to make your business run more efficiently, bringing you peace of mind and more time to spend focusing on the things that matter.

Automate procedures and processes

There are many ways to reduce paperwork when running a restaurant. The obvious start would be to ensure you are using a highly effective POS and ordering system. You can integrate these with online reservation systems and delivery apps, making the whole process streamlined and efficient. When it comes to the kitchen, try an automated food safety system that checks all your food storage, handling and cleaning procedures.

Embrace change

From smart sensors that measure your cold storage and cooking temps, to social media booking options, there are many ways to embrace change via new technology. Whether new policies, procedures or services, there will always be ways to improve your restaurant. Much of embracing change is communication — making sure everyone’s ideas are heard, people are onboard with any changes and you’re all working together towards a common goal.

Empower staff

Employee satisfaction is not something that should be overlooked. Happy, motivated and empowered staff will help you run your business more effectively. Think about four key areas: capability, knowledge, awareness and motivation.

First and foremost, make sure you have hired employees who are competent and capable. Secondly, employees must be armed with good information and be receptive to learning it. Ask questions and encourage their ideas on handling different situations. When sharing knowledge, anything that disrupts the typical learning model has a higher chance of sticking. Make sure your staff are aware of ways of working and they understand the implications of health, safety and other issues if they don’t follow certain guidelines. However, being sure to include positive reinforcement for good actions helps staff feel noticed, confident and primed to do good work, which in turn inspires others. This can be as simple as frequent praise, employee recognition awards, or even pay rises. Ultimately by empowering your workforce, they’re much more likely to invest in the job, helping you run an effective and successful business.

Refine your menu

The first step in shortening your menu is to understand which items are the most popular. Look through historical data to see which dishes are consistently ordered over a period of time. Calculate how much each of those dishes costs in terms of inventory and time to prepare. Also look at cross-use of inventory which can help drive the costs down further. Remember that a smaller menu means less food waste and efficiency overall, so it’s a great option to consider.

Be organized

It goes without saying that organization is key to making your business run more efficiently. If you are able to digitize all your POS and ordering system, along with reservations and deliveries, that should help when analyzing data for inventory. However, don’t forget bookkeeping. Make sure your payroll and accountancy system is working effectively for you too. Shop around and have a look at new software and new features that are on offer. Once you have something that covers all your needs, it should run like clockwork and again, improve your business’ efficiencies.

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