Cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen.

We all know that cleaning your kitchen is essential when it comes to food safety. It means that foodborne illnesses can be stopped in their tracks. While you probably know that my smart sensors can monitor a range of temperatures and appliances in your kitchen, did you also know that I can also help with your cleaning and sanitizing routine too?

From equipment maintenance to shelving, there are literally hundreds of areas around the kitchen that need attention. So let me, Elliott the fox, be your guide as we go over a few dirt-busting tips to get you organized. Oh and I promise to make you feel bright AI’d and bushy tailed about it too!

line chefs in kitchen preparing food while wearing safety gloves

Setting a cleaning schedule

As a watchful fox I can sniff out a cleaning fail anytime of the day or night. How? It’s all tracked in my clever app which creates a schedule for you to complete. It also reminds you when the next cleaning routine is due to be carried out.

Fallen behind? A Fix It alert can be set up to notify you if anything is overdue.

For deep cleans you can set more reminders, so you never need to manually track ever again. Smart, huh?

To make sure everyone is aware what your schedule consists of, upload details of your Standard Operating Procedures directly into my app.

And to make things even easier, here’s a few of my fox-tastic tips…

Cleaning surfaces

Outfox bacteria before it has a chance to cause problems by cleaning countertops and open shelving with properly diluted chemicals, otherwise the cleaning solution could be wasteful or ineffective. Always use clean cloths, change them frequently and make sure you launder after use.

When mopping floors use an anti-slip cleaning product designed for commercial use — you don’t want me smearing my mucky paws on it. Change the mop head often and wash after use. And ensure that the mop pole and bucket are both cleaned frequently too.

chef inspecting surface in large kitchen

Cleaning tools and equipment

Whether you are foxing about with spatulas, tongs or other items, make sure that all tools are cleaned properly after use. Allow equipment to air dry thoroughly before placing them in storage. Bacteria thrives in damp environments. Plus wet surfaces attract dust, hair and other contaminants — not good for a furry fox like me.

Make sure you set aside regular times to clean the following equipment; fryers, ovens, burners, grills and refrigeration units. These items will all need specific attention. A fryer for example needs to be boiled out once or twice a week, while a refrigerated unit will need a full deep clean — which includes cleaning the condenser coils and drain pans — every few months. But don’t worry, with my app you can keep your kitchen cleaning game strong.

chef employing safety measures while cleaning grill hood

Storing products and food

All foods can be a source of contamination, and depending on when they are washed, cooked and stored, they can contaminate surfaces and equipment. There is no such thing as being too shelf-aware, so be mindful of how you are storing all your food and the containers and areas in which you are storing them.

Every few months, carry out a deep clean of your storage areas. This includes everything from racks and shelving units to pantries and cabinets. Clean off dust, crumbs or other loose debris, then scrub down any grease or grime and finally dry with a clean cloth. Make sure you record these deep cleaning routines, so I can help you set reminders for the next time they are due. I’m all about being the AIs and ears of your kitchen!

It’s also important to make sure your storage areas are kept at the right temperature. A pantry for example, might not be given the same attention as a refrigerator, but it is just as vital. My smart AI sensors can be located anywhere in your kitchen, so you’ll always have peace of mind that food is being stored, prepared and served at the right temperatures.

kitchen staff member, smiling while using ipad for smart ai seating in restaurant

Remember personal hygiene

Wash hands regularly whenever handling food or cleaning products. Also ensure hair is tied back and kept out of the way. As a thick-haired furry fox, I am all too familiar with the problems poor personal hygiene can bring!

Less paperwork

As I’ve said before, with my clever app, you can do away with all the paper records around the kitchen and digitalize them. Not only is it a more efficient way of working, but there’s less room for missing paperwork, human error and general foxing about! All round a better solution.

Now’s the time to step up your food safety routines and embrace a happier and healthier kitchen.

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