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  • chef_stressed

How to make health inspections easy.


A health inspection can happen at any time and without prior notice. We look at how to ensure you have the correct procedures in place to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

How to make health inspections easy.2022-11-08T11:44:18+00:00

Phenium talks to Troy Hooper.


Troy Hooper’s story is rich and varied, from working with boats to transforming restaurants. He is a man of great positivity and drive and a key figure in the restaurant industry.

Phenium talks to Troy Hooper.2022-11-08T11:28:17+00:00

Phenium talks to Christian J Fischer.


For Christian J Fischer, a well-known chef and industry consultant, cooking is all about ‘creating memories’. From his childhood working in hotels to his career in culinary development, he’s always considered it to be a medium that ‘brings people together’.

Phenium talks to Christian J Fischer.2022-11-08T11:22:58+00:00

Tackling food waste in restaurants.


We all know that food waste impacts climate change, so it's time we think seriously about how to tackle the issue in the restaurant industry. We share some tips to deal with food waste in your restaurant.

Tackling food waste in restaurants.2023-04-11T16:48:44+00:00
  • Russ souvla chef

Phenium talks to…Ross Wunderlich from Souvla.


We talk to Souvla's culinary operations manager, Ross Wunderlich about life at San Francisco's hottest fast-fine dining group. He tells us about the benefits of Phenium and how it has helped the business as it grows and develops.

Phenium talks to…Ross Wunderlich from Souvla.2022-11-04T18:08:07+00:00


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